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I recently attended a fabulous dinner party in an old mansion, Mepal Manor, in Massachusetts and it was a rather formal affair. Consequently, I wore a gorgeous silver jacquard cocktail number with a mink stole and opera length white kid gloves. The gloves stole the show. I felt as though I was channeling Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face”, or better yet, my mother, from back in the day. (My mother, I am convinced, is the one and only Betty Draper inspiration.)

Like hats, women have forgotten how wonderful an accessory a beautiful pair of gloves can be. They truly complete the ensemble and give your look a polished finish that is very sophisticated and glam.

I adore a beautiful pair of gloves and have been known to hunt down just the right color to go with a certain coat, or to match a handbag. It really adds a touch of elegance to even an ordinary pair of jeans on a Saturday filled with errands. Just think of it – running to and from, feeling complete wearing that favorite color of sienna to match that favorite purse. But don’t get too ‘matchy-matchy’. The shoes should stand on their own, say in a complimentary color: navy.

But back to my fabulous dinner party – it was amazing to me how many women didn’t understand “glove etiquette”. One NEVER wears gloves while eating. So, being the lady that my mother raised, I removed my right glove during the hors d’oeuvres course. Several women asked me where my other glove was (I kept the left glove on until dinner was served). I had to explain to them that the glove was neatly rolled up in my evening clutch. (By the way, those ‘buttoned at the wrist’ versions are to be pulled up under the glove on top, to enable a lady to eat demurely.)

So, ladies, here is the deal: Glamorous it is to sip champagne while wearing gloves, but never while eating. You heard it here.

Now, go run out and get yourself a pair of gloves to go with that fabulous little Becket frock that you just purchased.

Xo - Bunny

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